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Debt Collection is a professional debt collection agency with 10 years’ experience in personal and commercial debt collection.


About Us


We are among the most competitive and competent people in the industry. We make sure each of our debt collection officers are able to handle any type of case – from start to finish. They undergo rigorous and comprehensive training that equips them on matters that will help them find resolution in any type of financial conflict.

In handling cases, we always make your reputation a priority. We make sure we represent you and your brand well by being firm and conducting negotiations in an amicable yet professional manner. While we put your reputation on top of our priorities we also make certain that the other party knows it is not a viable option to run away from their duties to you.

Why Choose Us?

  • In House Legal Team
    • Because we have our very own legal team in-house, there is no need for you to go out and hire yours. We are equipped to handle every matter concerning your case – even the legalities.
  • We Are Among the Most Successful Debt Collectors in India.
    • With a success rate of 85%, we will let the numbers do the talking. We handle each case to the best of our abilities – every single time.
  • Competitive Fees. Competitive Services.
    • Despite being one of the best in the industry, we make sure to keep our fees competitive. We give you the best debt collection service without inflated fees and sky-high commissions.
  • Our people are the Best People for the Job.
    • We equip our debt collection officers with in-depth and comprehensive training across every subject matter that will help them represent you and get your claims – from legal aspects to negotiation skills. They are handpicked to represent you in the best light possible. They are among India’s best negotiators and legal researchers – and you can only find them under our roof.
  • We are the leading experts when it comes to India Debt Recovery.
    • By partnering with us, you are signing up to having some of the best negotiators and legal experts handle your case. Our business was built on our long and good standing record in providing debt collection services with the most competitive fees. We have been one of the leading authorities in commercial and personal debt collection for over 10 years – and we have no plans of stopping.